Friday, October 14, 2016

The transforming power of Birdie Foscarini Lamps

With offices in Milan and New York City, Foscarini is an exquisite Italian design brand, actively involved in various artistic project. For the development of its products it collaborates constantly with famous designers and experts, in order to deliver the fittest and the most creative items. Their products are usually matching a variety of spaces, from living rooms or bedrooms, to hotel rooms and lobbies to bars or special restaurants. Everything is about finding the right place and creating the maximum effect for an unforgettable ambiance. 
I like many of their products, but nothing impressed me better than Birdie, created by the Milan architects Ludovica and Roberto Palomba. Their inspiration: a bird on a branch, an impression of elegance and delicate movement their lamps are producing. The models are either suspended in the air, or set on the floor, wall or table. Each lamp weight maximum 3 kg and uses either LED or halogen lamps
The small delicate lamps create special effects into a room, either it is a single one, or many of them. Especially the reflection of light on the light-metal materials brightens the space. The special effects create a cozy warm ambiance, exactly what you need for the coming long winter evenings. Each version is unique and can be easily removed. It usually suits the simple furniture, and a simply decorated interior. 
You might discover that just a simple lamp can completely change your mood and make you love your home more.

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