Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Body Shop full treatment set with Karite Butter

The holidays season is always a reason to celebrate and to receive and give beautiful presents. It is an occasion to show yourself and the others how much you cherish and appreciate their presence into your life. Sometimes it is hard to find the right present, or it is just not enough, therefore, the Body Shop present gifts are always a good solution, because, especially for people so careful with their body and skin care, you can have a full range of products that make your pampering almost complete.
Someone who knows me and loves me brought me a very inspired package: the full range of Karite Butter products: from soap to body scrubbing, shower gel and cream, plus a jolly yellowish sponge. The box looks elegant, in colours matching the products and that you can later use for organising either your cosmetics or your love letters - or whatever letters you want to organise.
The products themselves are very efficient and after intensively using them for a couple of days, I may say I am very happy with them. The skin is not only smooth and getting a mild discrete natural scent, but it is more hydrated, a treatment so much needed regardless the season, but particularly in the winter when the skin is over covered by clothes and cannot breath properly. This happens because Karite Butter is a superior moisturizer, that also is attributed various healing properties. One more reason to use intensively those products this season and to make myself feel better and better in my skin every day!

What about you, what are your favourite Body Shop products of the season?

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