Monday, January 2, 2017

The little black dress from Ralph Lauren

If there is one single black dress to have in your closet, this beautiful silk with gold embroideries from Ralph Lauren is the one and only. Stylish, elegant, easy to match with a modest outfit, and with either an elegant black or gold pair of shoes, with or without high heels. A clutch goes very well with it, also either gold or black. As for the jewelery and make-up, I see it as simply minimalistic, with dramatic mascara and some elegant gold earrings. 
The cut in itself is simple and easy, maybe if you have some experience in making your own clothes you think you can do it too. At a closer look though, it is a whole art to create a balance between the simplicity of the material and the heavy embroideries. The baste is very fine and was done to create a good effect of the material on the body. The embroideries are impressive, simple yet very distinguished. The gold thread is special, not strident or shining for the sake of shining. It is the contrast of the black silk, in a game of alternating between jour and contre-jour. 
The dress was on sales for around 300 EUR., was available at the KaDeWe store in Berlin, shortly before the holidays. However, as an inspired woman, you can wear this outfit all round the year, with elegance and style. As the creative modern woman you are!

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