Friday, December 8, 2017

Delicious and Perfectly Easy Halwa Truffles

I love sometimes to offer myself the treat of a fully chocolate truffle, but I never dared to prepare my own batch. Maybe because the ones I can purchase from the store looks so perfectly round in their golden box that I could only dream about producing something at least half as awesome. But I believe in the changing power of books that through words therefore, after reading the Rosewasser&Granatapfel by Suzanne Zeidy I decided that after all, it might not be so difficult to create my own recipe. I was so happy with the results that I dared to bring my truffles as my foodie contribution to a party.
200 gr. Halwa from Koska - it is a Turkish company which do have a lot of kosher certified products
7 tablespoons Tehina spread - I bought mine from the BIO Company store

Mix and knead well the tehina with the halwa, including by hand, until it looks like a dough. It can be done in the mixer as well, probably but I haven't tried it myself. By repeatedly kneading the dough I was able to avoid any additional lumps that might make the further preparation difficult. I left the content in the fridge for around 30 minutes.

Additionally, you need some ingredients for the decorations. The original recipe recommends: cocoa, white sesame and pistachio. I personally made my own combination, with: cocoa, desiccated coconut and black sesame. For each ingredient, I used 7 tablespoons.
Rolling the little pieces of truffle was a very soothing and relaxing experience. It is very important to take your time first for rolling the little balls as round as possible, second as you are spreading the decorations all over the surface of the truffle. I was partially happy with my results, but I bet the next time I will be a better pupil, more patient and more details focused.
The preparation time is around 40 minutes - minus those when the halwa-tehina dough is in the fridge.
Serves: 30-35 truffle lovers
Recommendation: Try to keep them as much as possible in the fridge prior to serving. Serve them with some black coffee - sugarless, as the truffles do have enough natural sugar - or with a glass of mint - also sugarless - tea.

Bon App├ętit!

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