Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The Ultimate Perfume Recommendations of the Year

With only a couple of days from 2017 left, it is about time of a new perfume recommendation! Valentine's Day is only two months away, therefore, you should get ready, and for sure there will be more additional interesting luxury recommendations in the next weeks. Until then, it is enough time to have a look at your perfume store next door and look for some of my top picks for this season:

Baiser Fou by Cartier

What happens when you combine the scents of raspberry, with orchid, chocolate and vanilla? Sounds crazy and smells even crazier. The good kind of crazy. Baiser Fou - Crazy Kiss - by Cartier was launched this year and promises to be a hit among the lovers of elegant fragrances, wearable all round the day. Regardless if you are about to embark on a plane or hurrying up for a date. It makes you feel special, flirty and full of positive, spring-like energy. 

White Tea, by Elizabeth Arden

On a more accessible note, White Tea by Elizabeth Arden, also a new entry in 2017, is the kind of perfume you get so much used to that you simply integrate it into your daily rituals. It happened to me with Green Tea, also by Elizabeth Arden, and for a very good reason: it achieved a perfect balance of fragrances, which easily goes with any kind of personality. White Tea opens up with a combination of mandarin orange, muscat, white tea and white iris, which smells so refreshing that it doesn't bother if you wear it from early in the morning until late in the evening. 

Chloe, Eau de Parfum
Both the bottle and the perfume send the right message: a return or a forever-stay in the world of spring scents. With an exquisite choice of basic fragrances of Virginia cedar and amber, it offer a bouquet of flowers in a small bottle. I cannot see it worn otherwise but with a satin dress in pastel colours or with various flowerly imprints. A cocktail dress, too? Less likely, as I will rather keep this one for the day, the sunny day - outdoors and in your soul.

Evergreen, by Jil Sander

Jil Sander is one of those German fashion and lifestyle creators I want to feature soon on my blog, for its special style and inspiration. As for now, her Evergreen perfume is perfectly matching her design creations: simple yet rich in possibilities and an impecable good taste. What else can be done when you combine the following aromas: pear, grapefruit, white pepper, jasmin, rose, patschuli, sandal wood and vanilla? Any guess?

Aura, by Thierry Mugler

One of my favorite for this season is Aura, the newest by Thierry Mugler. Maybe the bottle is a bit too kitschy for my tastes, but it smells delish. A minty note which is the result of a the happy meeting between rhubarb leaves, Bourbon vanilla, various wood notes and orange blossom. It might be a bit heavy for the usual day of work, but it goes very well for the occasions when you want to feel good and fully empowered. 

What about you? Any great fragrances recommendations for this season?

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