Sunday, December 10, 2017

My First Dry Shampoo Experience

I am writing this article with one hand, while with the other I am strongly massaging the roots of my hair. It is the newest hair routine in the morning: washing my hair on the go, without water, perfect when I am - as usual - out of time and need to look decently good. Actually, my need for winning time while juggling with my very busy schedule pushed me in the first place to finally try a dry shampoo, a product around for a couple of years already.
Out of the many products on the market, I wanted to start with the best and Aussie comes always first when I think about hair care. I purchased my product from the German Rossmann drugstore chain for a quite accessible price - under 5 Eur.. It looks very American in terms of branding, with big letters spread over the 180 ml. tube, and a lot of instructions in Italian, German and French. It has the usual smell of the Aussia products, given by the use of Australian Balm Mint, the main ingredient of their hair care lines. 
What I really liked about this shampoo, before the opportunity of a fast use and was on the go, was that it does not leave any white powder traces so you can use even during a break between sophisticated business meetings without any risk to damage your outfit. The head massage might be a good thing, after all, not only for cleaning your hair, but also for relaxing and putting your blood into motion. In addition, you got also a great volume, which you rarely achieve easily just after washing.
However, there were also some downsides for me. I experienced every time a head rash which is not very pleasant, most probably an allergic reaction. Also, although it might fix your hair hygiene for at least a couple of hours, you still need to use water. I tried to use again only the dry shampoo after a couple of days and I had to switch to water at the end of the day, because the rash plus the hair look were a bad match.
Given my experiences until now, I will probably keep a dry shampoo in my bag just in case for hair emergencies or for the busy travel schedule, but for the regular hair care, the usual shampoo and water are still the one and only solution.   

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