Friday, November 5, 2010

Add some zucchini

I am not a constant vegetarian, but I prefer for a long time to limit the meat ratio to once the week, maybe. I can live without meat, but to stimulate my appetite I need to create various combinations of vegetables. And, here, my imagination is playing an important role. 
A couple of weeks ago - when I was decided to start writing about what I am cooking, hence the photos I tried to take as professionally as possible - I was about to prepare some ready-made tortellini, but I had the feeling that it will not be enough so tried to think a bit about a new combination.
I pick up from my special food closet:
- sunflower oil (100 ml.)
- sesame oil (3 drops)
- sesame seeds (100 gr.)
- salt
Peel the zucchini and cut into small cubicles. Pour the sunflower oil in the heated pan, together with the salt, zucchini cubicles and sesame seeds. Mixed them together for five minutes, then pour the sesame oil. After 30-35 minutes, mix the composition with the tortellini and wait for another five minutes.
Ready to eat!

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