Friday, November 5, 2010

Fresh and sweet honey melon

This is a very easy fruit dessert.
All you need is (beyond love for cooking):
- 1 honey melon
- honey
- nutmeg (or Cinnamon)
- mint - fresh or dried
- 1 fig
- powder sugar. In my case, I used a special chestnut sugar brought from Corsica, moderately sweet.
What you have to do is:
Cut the honey melon in two equal halves. Pull out the seeds. Cut and peel the fig. Spread the mint, together with the sugar, the nutmeg (or maybe cinnamon if you like it), 1 spoon of honey and slices of fig. Put them in the fridge and wait for one hour, in order to let all the ingredients to melt together. Good to serve it night, day, morning, summer, autumn, spring or summer. A fresh sweet taste.

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