Friday, January 14, 2011

Mango with almond and baked bananas

Out of time and raw materials, but with a fresh lecture and keen to experience something new and tasty, I took the risk of a special South-African recipe, adapted to my time and - let's dare to say - cooking style (please, don't ask me to define what it is).

Ingredients, for 2 persons:

2 medium sized bananas halved
2 spoons of oil
1 egg white
1/2 mango sliced
2 spoons almonds
2 spoons cinnamon sugar

If you want a special taste, you could add the juice from half of a lemon.

Time for preparation: 30 minutes

How to:
Bananas are baked in the oily pan, for 7 minutes, at 100C
Beat the egg white, together with 1 spoon of cinnamon sugar, till you have a baiser.
Add the egg white and the almonds and bake them together for another 17 minutes.
Everything is done, so be ready to add the mango (and the lemon juice, if you want to) - in a more inspiring way that I did. To be served warmed or cold.
It was easy, isn't it?
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