Friday, June 28, 2013

Afternoon tea: King's Crown cherry/banana

After so much food-related posts, it is time for having a relaxing tea, isn't it? Even though the weather this week was not what you may expect to have for the summer, I tried to avoid drinking too many spicy drinks - the choice for the winter - and go on with some fruity options.
The choice for more than one afternoon was a simple cherry-banana tea bag from King's Crown, another product available at a good price at Rossmann
It can be prepared relatively easy, without too much waiting time. I tried it at least twice and either after 5 minutes or 2 minutes of waiting, the concentration does not change and you don't risk to have only a colourful and tasteless water if you don't keep the bag for too long. It is good cold - including refrigerated - or hot. However, after I tasted a left tea from the day before, I did not like too much the taste; it was like some little pieces of sand were inappropriately added to the otherwise pleasant concoction.
It goes relatively well with sour and sweet foods: with chocolate muffins or crackers, and even with some Pringles, if you really want it too. I had it without sugar, but with brown sugar you will ad more pleasant taste.
Nothing unforgettable or unique, just a pleasant drink that you can end up by always love to have it in your kitchen, especially for the writing or reading afternoons. Some some spices added it can go very well for the winter. 

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