Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Design trends for the kitchen - Overview of DMY Berlin

The last week I had the chance to visit the International Design Festival Berlin and I did some interesting research about the state of arts of ideas in terms of home and kitchen design. Poland was the special guest of the festival and there were many interesting ideas brought at the festival, by young designers from schools all over the country.
The products presented at the Festival were quite simple, with many practical features and ideas. Nothing out of the norm or over luxurious, even there were some big brands present. Here are one of the objects that caught my attention, after more than 2 hours of wandering.
For more details and photos, feel free to visit my Pinterest dedicated folder: http://pinterest.com/ilanaontheroad/dmy-2013/
A short video about DMY on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iixnZtfizqw

The works of Polish designers were simple, somehow inspired by the local tradition. The  white set can be used for coffee or tea or some hot drinks during the long summer.

Silver light always give a certain elegance to the objects.

It looks practical yet good looking and elegant, especially with the yellowish corners of the heating machine.

An interesting adornment for the table.

A classical design with a modern practical emphasis.

When you have a small kitchen and you are always in a hurry, it looks like the perfect way to have things done fast and in an organized way. I love this setting, the trademark of Swedish design.

More and more people prefer to cultivate their own plants and vegetables at home. What you can do when you are lacking the proper space? The Swedish designers might have a (good) idea.

Not only squirrels gathers provisions for the winter. But we, as humans, we have the chance to do it with style.

Simple cups with a former Communist touch.

One of my favourite objects by far, especially for the gracious presence of the ballerina.

I am a big fan of strollers and this one is not only practical but makes you feel happy when  on shopping/

What about assorting the glasses?

Grace and tradition, made Villeroy and Boch.

When you like to eat your home made food during the lunch break, this ingenious  snack set will  help you. 

The combination of wood and glass is special.

Good choice of colour for classical objects at the table.

The traveler in my loved this bottle, that it is also ecological.
There were the only models of fridges at the exhibition. The models are adapted to various space constraints, a reality of many German kitchen - which are very small.

It looks like some Snow white and the seven dwarfs setting.

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