Friday, June 28, 2013

Cooking with bio smoked tofu

Once the week we have in the menu pasta, but each time I should find out a new combination. During the summer, I like to add a lot of cherry tomatoes and vegetables in general, while during the winter I am more tempted to use a lot of cheese or fish, especially salmon.
As I recently had a good tofu meal at a vegan restaurant - with vegetables and coconut - I wanted to repeat the adventure and have my own pasta with tofu at home. Without any other available options, I tried a special bio smoked tofu, that I've found at a local Rossmann drugstore. (PS: In Germany, you may find a lot of gluten-free, bio products alongside with beauty and cleaning products, especially in the Rossmann or DM stores).
I've used this type of tofu at least once before, with eggs and some vegetables, and I was relatively satisfied - did not like the taste too much - so I was not extremely worried that a product with such a colour might be a failure. The smoked smell is moderate and in combination with vegetables - I added cherry tomatoes and some local spices I received from a friend from the Middle East that I should need to read more about before dedicating a post, together with olive oil drops. I finely chopped both pieces, enough for the 500 gr. of pasta, plus 250 of cherry tomatoes.
The overall impress was, as in the first case, moderate, but not unhappy either. It is not extremely tasty or leaving me with such pleasant memories that I cannot eat anything else for the next weeks - it happened with some good tofu products before. It is the choice for some boring summer days, when I do not spend too much time at home and I need to do something healthy and relatively cheap in due time. 
Maybe the next time I should try the recipe recommended in the picture from the cover, it could be a good choice for a summer salad. 

Bon Appetit! 

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