Sunday, January 31, 2016

Beauty review: Labello hydro care lip balm

During and after my pregnancy I did cope with a big problem: very dried lips. Besides the aesthetical considerations, it gave me an annoying feeling and discomfort, especially after waking up. I tried various hydo care lip balms and to drink more water too, but once in a while the phenomenon was back. 
Then, completely randomly I found in my messy closet the Labello hydro care lip balm that I forgot I ever bought - it happens, isn't it?. I applied in on my lips by default but without too many expectations and went busy with my daily chores. After a little while, I discovered that I feel so unexplainable good in my skin. The reason was the disparition of my dry lips. In the evening, I applied once again and it worked. Apparently, all my dry lips problems were about to disappear for good with only one trace of hydro care.
Made of ingredients like aloe vera and pure water, Labello hydro care lip balm does not give any shine or colour to the lips. It also offers protection against UVA and UVB rays. Applied on the lips it gives a couple of minutes the sensation of fat, but it disappears fast. Upon applying a big layer of labello on lips, wait a couple of hours and you will see the results. 
The small tube can be carrier everywhere. Or lost very easily as I did more than once. It has a nice, pleasant to the eyes design. I did usually apply twice the day. The tube may last more than one month. One piece costs around 2.50 EUR, available at the Rossmann and DM stores in Berlin. 

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