Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The wonders of argan oil

There are probably few natural products that I trust as much as the argan oil. Especially after the changes taking place with my skin and hair after pregnancy, this wonderful oil helped me to successfully go over many difficult issues.

Moroccan tradition for shining hair and skin

Extracted from the kernels of the argan tree from Morocco, the oil is rich in nutrients, especially fatty acids and vitamin E, which are a real blessing for the hair and skin. Used regularly, it soften the skin and brings a natural boost to the body. Against the name reputation, it is not greasy and also not irritating, helping even people with sensitive skin as mine to use it without significant problems. Although you can find it as part of various cosmetic products, it is the best when undiluted and unmixed.
Used as a hair conditioner, it makes the hair soft and silkier and shiner. Also, it can treat split ends and can work as an efficient styling agent, taming the hair frizz. 
The rich content in Vitamin E helps to increase the skin elasticity and operates efficiently against damaged, irritated skin. It is also often used as an anti-aging product, the regular application of argan oil or creams based on it fighting efficiently against the wrinkles. Forget about dried hands and feet, 

My experience

I was told repeatedly about the greatness about the argan oil by a friend fascinated about Northen African cultures. At the beginning, I took it like a simple cultural stereotype. After I bought some Balea products based on Argan oil, for the hair and hands protection, things changed for the good for my skin, till becoming addictive. 
Especially after the pregnancy, argan oil helped me to bring back the glow on my hair which suffered seriously after the birth. Although during the nine months the hair was always shining and happy looking, shortly after my baby was delivered to the world, it started to look very tired and regardless of the shampoo used, it kept being very dry. A bit desperate, I remember about the argan oil and purchased from the Rossmann next door a Swiss-o-Par conditioner. A very cheap investment for a great result as immediately after I washed my hair I was able to see the result: glowing hair with a healthy look. Should I add how easy is to feel self confident again with just one touch of the mask?
Another success of the argan oil to my body was to restore the velvet touch of my hands after I returned from the hospital with the baby. During my stay there I constantly used some very strong disinfectant based on pure alcohol which almost destroyed my skin. For weeks after my hands were dried and only the Balea Sheabutter and Argan Oil helped me to be back to normality. It also helped my nails to a healthy and good looking aspect, a problem I was fighting unsuccessfully for a very long time. 
Right now, I do not need no additional consulting to know that sometimes all I need in my beauty life is a healthy drop of argan oil. 

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