Thursday, January 21, 2016

From HiPP, for Daniel

When I was about the leave the hospital and searching for a reliable baby milk solution, the hospital recommended me to use the Hipp. One week after baby D. was born, I started to feed him with the ready made formula and he tolerated it very well. Later on, our children doctor recommended to use it too and one of my doctor friends, a long-time resident in the German speaking realm, also mentioned it. We started to faithfully use it and nothing changed the first good impression (except that very often we cannot find it in the Rossmann or DM stores, as we were explained that there is a high demand of the product from China).
When you grew up in a different land, with different children products, it is not easy to get to know the customs in terms of children nutrition. I knew about Milupa and Humana, so Hipp sounded a bit new for me, also in terms of brand reliability. But it seems it was only my fault for not knowing more about it. In fact, the first Hipp products were produced in 1899, and the company bearing this name was created in 1932, being since then a family business located in Pfarffenhofen, in the South of Germany, close to Munich. Since 1956, it is pioneering the ecological agriculture, offering a variety of milk powder products - based on various nutrition requirements, such as additional to breasfeeding, for allergies and different eating sensibilities, as well as bottle products to be introduced in the children food after the 4th month of life. The products are used on many markets outside Germany, such as Benelux, Bulgaria, Scandinavian countries, France, China or Vietnam.
Shortly after the baby was born, I decided to send a coupon to the company requesting some more details. After more than 2 months when almost forgot about, my bf called me that baby D. has a special package from Hipp. When I saw the personalized box and a sticker with his name, I understood the reasons for the delayed answer. Everyone was busy to deliver something really special. 
The box included a pacifier - we are already using it and he got used with, a milk bottle, similar with other 2+ bottles we are using, and a small package of wet napkins for ultra sensitive skin which we took with us on the road and very satisfied with the results. Another plus of Hipp is the quality customer service with whom I got already in touch several times, much better compared to many other companies in Germany. Their website is also well designed and informative.
As we are growing up now and the food needs are changing, we are looking forward to new and much diversified food experiences. 

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