Saturday, January 30, 2016

Book Review: Eliminate Negativity in Your Life

I consider myself a very positive thinking person, despite what life reserved me once in a while. However, sometimes you just are not ready to cope with so many difficulties and problems that seem to invade your life one after the other. I started to read this book when I was in one of these overwhelming moments, not necessarily looking for a solution, but to focus my mind elsewhere. 
I connected with this book after the first pages, when I found the advice that although it is not possible to have positive thoughts when you feel terrible, you can change your situation when invaded by joy and inward peace.
The everyday peace may come when we shift our brain - 'what controls your brain controls your life' the author said - from judging and examining people to perceptions and positive convinctions about yourself and the world. Having positive convinctions and trying not to change people, avoid images and representations that can create envy, do not focus on pas, especially on the negative encounters, staying away from conflicts of will are some of the advices the author gives for a joyful and positive oriented life. I especially found useful to remember how important it is to be focus on the moment, not on the past - that cannot be changed anyway - or planning the future. If in case of the past, I am tempted to refer to as a succeesful struggle - an advice of the book too - the future made me a lot of problems. My source of pain is when I have some careful planning ahead that ends up obsolute. What annoys me is the time spent in planning and even though the mantra 'it is all for the good helps me' I continue to be very sensitive when it comes to such failures. 
Other advices I did found useful are: celebrate your triumph over past struggles, feel and breathe your happiness and success, become a good Samaritan, create a vibrant, positive environment. 
The book can be read within an hour, is simply written and does not require complicate thinking. It belongs to the category of general self-help books that you can life without it but it help you to have some reflection when you need to see the half-full glass. Do not expect anything spectacular, just some kind reminders to live your life. 

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