Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Meet Your Matcha

My love story with green tea and matcha started almost 10 years ago, after spending one full year in Japan and trying to find my way through the local cuisine. I left with a lot of new tastes and eating habits which I proudly carry with me until now. 
However, my matcha dates started a bit later, a couple of years ago when the powerful green powder entered the bars and coffee places of the Western world. 
This beautifully illustrated book with 50 'irresistible recipes' by food writer Joanna Farrow brings on your table a big variety of recipes, including savoury ones, which for me was a big novelty, as up to now I was only considering matcha for a sweet match.
The book is simply written, with easy directions and affordable recipes, both in terms of prices of the ingredients - except the matcha prices which are always high but you don't use more than 1-2 tbsp. for more recipes - suiting the beginner and middle-level chef. 
The ingredients are also healthy, without using too much oil and sugar. The construction of the recipes use a feature outlined by the author, according to which the original matcha flavour can be enhanced based on the ingredients it is paired with. Therefore, it is possible, for instance, to suggest a recipe of matcha soft cheese and smoked salmon open sandwiches, or chicken noodles with matcha dumplings, or even matcha mayo. 
This book is an interesting matcha journey which if you such a lover of this extraordinary ingredient, you would love to revisit over and over again.

Rating: 5 stars
Disclaimer: Book offered by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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