Wednesday, August 2, 2017

My Perfume Recommendations for this Summer

Long time no perfume recommendations, but until the summer is over - if ever started, and I am especially talking for the rainy Berlin - here I am with my latest fragrances' discovery. The testing took place at the famous KaDeWe store. 

Izia newly launched by Sisley this year is delivered not only in an elegant bottle, but has a exquisite bouquet of fragrances. The predominant note is rose, to which were added musk, citrus and amber. It has a fresh note, but the rose adds some lascivious, exotic and mysterious notes. It matches a floral, summer dress, recommended for the holidays or for a first or second date. 
What I really love about Verveine, by L'Occitane en Provence is the very joyous and relatively unique fragrance of citrus. It suits the dynamic sport and casual kind of woman and it matches your bag for any kind of summer adventure and outfits. The main fragrance is complimented perfectly by herbal and spicy additions, which only multiply the principal element.

A new entry by the house of Guerlain, Mon Guerlain is an emotional perfume. It is delicate yet dream-like, elegant but moodie, joyous but shy. It might be the strong vanilla fragrance, or just the whole combination, a mixture of fresh spices, herbs or various aromas. I dare to say it is not for everyone, and it suits special occasions, such as a date, a night out at the club or maybe an afternoon tea or lunch in an elegant, preferably British, institution of taste. I also like the elegance of the bottle.

Added to the collection of Poisons by Christian Dior, Poison Girl is a complicated perfume. It includes a special bouquet which includes, among others, Sicilian bitter orange, vanilla, Damascus rose, almond, tonka beans, sandalwood. As all the other Poisons, I will better not wear this in the office or for the morning errands, but preferably instead for a date, an elegant lunch or castle reception! 

RĂ´ses Berberanza was launched this year by Lancome and although it is not very sophisticated it has a rich rose fragrance, which is overwhelming. The additional sweet notes are spices and pistachio too. It might not suit anyone, but when it does, it easily match any occasion and time of the day or outfit. 

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