Thursday, August 31, 2017

My Reasons for Walking Barefoot in the Grass

Now, that the summer is almost over, I have one more regret: I haven't walked enough barefoot in the grass this year. With a garden at my disposal around the year, there was always something keeping me from taking off my shoes and starting to walk in the freshly cut grass. 
Although I grew up in a wild and free environment, in time, my process of becoming a well behaved adult involved keeping my feet covered all round the day. Which was not necessarily what I felt I have to do, but, you know, growing up has a price. 
But good natural impulses eventually overcome the artificial enviroment I created for my feet, and this summer, for the first time in a long time, I spent hours walking freely around without shoes. And felt so good.
I am walking a lot - according to my Samsung Health monitoring, more than 10,000 steps the day - and at the end of the day, my feet often feel tired and a bit swallowed too. This sensation of heaviness is going out in just a couple of minutes of walking barefoot, as one of the many benefits of this habit is increasing the blood circulation and strengthening the body. According to scientific researches, walking barefoot also reduces blood pressure, creates a greater body balance and helps having a better walking posture. There are some disadvantages too, as for instance, getting dirty feet or risking some piece of glass or wood piercing your soles, but if you are walking in a forest such risks are usually minimal.
As for me, I am trying as much as possible to find at least one hour the day for keeping my feet free, walking barefoot and enjoying the pleasant sensation of my feet touching the ground. 

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