Monday, September 25, 2017

Ruths Keramik, a beautiful journey of colours

One of my favorite part of participating to different local events around the city is having the chance to discover local artists and manufacturers that otherwise do not make themselves known outside a limited circle of specialists and people with a clear interest in their work. Everything in Germany is so specialized and focused that such a marketing move make sense. Except that there are always people, like me, keen to get to known different arts and skills and always happy when I discover them. At the last fair in Moabit, I got to know the colourful and elegant works created by Ruths Keramik, an impressive journey of good taste and creativity.
First and foremost, there were the diversity of colours which left a strong visual impression. The pastels alternate with powerful reds or blacks, which create a powerful contrast. There is hardly any surface of the ceramic art left uncovered. Sometimes, there are some random traces of paint on a plate, and it is enough to challenge the monotony.
While browsing the beauty of colours and shape, I stop to wonder what is the use of some of the objects. For instance, those round pebble shaped recipients covered in holes of different shapes. Did you already guess? The holes are there to hold flowers, therefore to create an equally colourful arrangement...
The more I look around, the more I am in love with those ceramic works. The good news is that actually you can learn how to do it yourself, as the website announces classes organised by the artist herself. 
Some of the items can be also used for decorating a space, making it a great interior design ideas. Sharing the love as often as possible is a healing exercise for any heart and when there is so much beauty around, life can shine only better and better each and every day.

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