Thursday, September 28, 2017

What is Kvas?

As a long time traveler, planning to see all the countries in the world at least twice, I love, besides the food, to taste local drinks too. And it does not apply always to wine. 
When I visited the capital of Moldova, Kishinev, a couple of years ago, I was charmed by a fizzy malt tasting non-alcoholic drink, served on the street. In just a couple of hours, I was so enamorated with it that I preferred to move mostly within acceptable distance from the street stands and their kvasniki - sellers of kvas.
In Berlin, I've found it available as a normal bottle drink, distributed under various brands in the Russian stores. The legend says that this fermented beverage was mentioned as far as the year 986, in the old Russian chronicles. In Slavic, kvas means leaven, reference to the fact that this drink is made of rye bread. Nowadays, is also made of apples, berries or herbs. 
A saying goes that 'a bad kvass is better than good water'. As someone who doesn't drink or fancy too much water, I can recommend to match it with every kind of food, for every meal of the day. A very oily and heavy food might be better diggested when a glass or two or kvas keep them company. In any case, it tastes better and much refreshing when served cold. 
As for me, I am more than happy to look for different brands and various combinations of ingredients. It is just the beginning of a beautiful foodie story.

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