Friday, September 15, 2017

At home with Søstrene Grene

Born in 1973 in Aarhus, Denmakr, Søstrene Grene is the project of two sisters, Anna and Clara 'able to find beauty and happiness in even the smalles of things'. Their aim was to 'share their excitement with the rest of the world'. Since May, the lovers of Danish design, followers of the principle of 'only buy what you want' can admire the minimalist products in the newest store in Germany, on Boulevard Berlin Shopping Center, in Steglitz.
First and foremost, the pastel colours are charming, creating a oasis of peace in every corner of the home. From pieces of furniture to decorations for special occasions, one can find many reasons to boost the mood without suffering financial breakdowns. Because the prices are more than convenient, with a 100-euro investment worth a couple of good things to take at home. For instance, a bowl costs 3.90 EUR., a carpet in various shades of grey 20.79 EUR., a medium-sized mirror 27.70 EUR., small shelves 9.74 EUR.. Given the low rates, it makes it a smart investment for someone moving to a completely new and empty place - this is how most apartment for rent are offered in Germany.
I personally loved the pastel painted small cups, so delicate and wellbeing-inducing. I was also happy with the friendly customer service, always ready to help and guide your choices. Although the shop looks a bit crowded and the space is filled with many products, I was able to browse the shelves and thing if I really need any of them, despite the good visual impressions. In the end, I was just happy to know that such a shop exist and keep it in mind for my next home purchases. 

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