Sunday, September 24, 2017

Simply-Needles: Creative Recycling Made in Berlin

As a child, I used to read a book about German children from the GDR doing intensively and wholeheartedly recycling, starting the day with a stop to leave the bag full of bottles or plastic at the recycling points before going to school. In our corner of communist paradise, we used to make fun of the monthly recycling plan requested to every school to fulfill in terms of paper, metal or plastic but as I would later realize living in the happy West and in Germany, it was not such a bad idea. Nowadays, I am a modest supporter of the separation of garbage, a habit I acquired during my year in Japan, where the selection reached deeply complex levels - you have even bins for chopsticks, among other 19+ sortiments.
But there is life after recycling and some skilled artists succeeded to achieve some interesting works. While visiting a local fair in the Moabit borrough of Berlin the last week, I discovered some colourful practical products made by Simply Needles using packages of famous brands. 
You can find your favorite Milka chocolate, Haribo bag or Leibnitz biscuits metamorphosed into a handy holder or purse or make-up holder. Even your favorite cat food package can make it into art!
It doesn't have to do anything with sophistication or fashion trends, but with practical products aimed to serve you well.
The prices are moderate - each item can be purchased, including online, from the website - with less than 20 EUR. for each item. A great investment for the environmental conscious consumer, yet a funny item to carry your valuable with. 

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