Sunday, October 1, 2017

Beauty and skincare review: Collagen capsules from Diadermine

I can't have enough of testing and reviewing beauty capsules, a very ingenous and practical skin care booster. After Rival de Loop and Schaebens, the last week I tried a 7-day cure of something even more professional and efficient: Diadermine Lift+.  
It contains seven small capsules that I used early in the morning, on a clean, hydrated skin. The content is enough to cover both the face and the decollete. It is very easy to apply and you can also use it when on the road: it does not take too make space in your bag and applying on the skin doesn't take more than 5 minutes. 
It contains collagen activator, which operates deep into the skin, offering elasticity, covering age lines and fine wrinkles. The face looks glowing, firmer and better defined, a couple of minutes after applying only. In addition, it is made of a complex of vitamines which revitalises the skin, giving it a new strength and eliminating the signs of tiredness. As I had a relatively chaotic time lately, I noticed immediately some good signs of freshness, that I hardly wanted to alter by using make-up. Therefore, the promise of 'Sofort-Effekt' - 'Instant Effect' - is delivered.
The price is more acceptable, especially if you are a on a very limited budget.
During the seven days treatment I didn't experience any allergic reactions. Its effects are multiplied especially if the capsules are used in combination with other products. I usually applied it after previously having used L'Oreal Hydra Active 3, which confers a good skin hydration. 
I strongly recommend to any busy woman around, keen to keep up with its beauty ritual, despite a crazy daily schedule.

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