Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Never having enough of Sweet and Sara Marshmallows

the little package with the lovely sweets
I tried as much as possible to keep the bowl out of sight
The sponsorship generously offered by Need Sweets is one of the most delicious opportunity I had by far. Don't hurry up to conclude that such a promotional opening line is understandable because they covered me in marshmallows and I lost the journalistic direction.

My version of the truth is that: I love marshmallows - I even considered once to prepare my own marshmallows following a recipe I've seen once - and I have already a good experience of tasting marshmallows and deciding what is like and what not. And Sweet and Sara, vegan, kosher with hechsher the International Kosher Council (I personally do not know too much about them, except that they gave authorization to not a few restaurants in Brooklyn), are delicious. Only thinking about them and my mouth is watering.

Shortly after the marvellous little box arrived at my door - very very fast delivery, by the way - and after I tasted curiously one white delicious marshmallow, my obsession was how to maintain them in my kitchen at least for a short treat in the evening and as part of the rich breakfast in the morning. The recommendation is to consume them within six weeks of purchase.

My first move was to arrange them in a nice bowl and to taste only one of the three types: the white ones (number one favourite), the coconut (number one favourite) ones and those with a delicate jam feeling (favourite as well). Once the tasting and the photo shooting were done, I kept them at the room temperature and tried to have a short sleep before the early morning breakfast.

Sweet childhood memories
The lovely marshmallows offered me the opportunity to turn an old passion from my childhood into reality: cocoa with hot milk sweetened with delicious white marshmallows. I heated 250 ml milk, added one tablespoon cocoa and added two puffy marshmallows. I waited for 10 minutes till the marshmallows started to dissolve into the milk and drunk it slowly slowly. What a pleasure, what a smell in my kitchen, what a special sweetness that did not experience before, as I used to add to the hot cocoa only the classical sugar. With such a fresh start, no wonder that I was able to cope very well with the day. Of course this is not another advertising aimed to end the article gloriously! Who does not need sweets, after all?

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