Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Olive oil on my face

I don't know exactly why for a couple of months I completely neglected taking care of my face. One of the serious reasons was that I was looking for healthy products, but I was also ready to take the challenge of checking out what will happen with my face if I don't use any beauty products at all.

My face did not suffer too much and did not start looking older instantly. But especially after the winter season started I considered that it is about time to get some new products for my precious face. The face, the woman's mirror to the world, or something like that as I was told long ago. 

Because I am in love with the olive oil - in the salad, in the hair and on my face - Florena day cream based on the precious ingredient was the logical choice. It is a bit oily - how else - maybe too greasy, but I feel its protective powers during the day. Since October, applying it on my face early in the morning was introduced on the daily agenda and, as usual, I do not feel the need to change anything. If I remember correctly, I used intensively Nivea for 4 years almost, and Garnier for another 2 and there are many positive signs that my relationship with olive oil day cream will last many years from now. Last but not least, the design of the little box is not bad at all: simple, with an inspiring green that attracts instantly the connoisseurs of everything olive oil related.

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