Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The elegant discretion of the fine Alessi

Alessi launch designed products that are displayed in museums. If you do not know what it is so special about it, I will tell you that I was impressed by the simplicity of the line and their full functionality, especially for busy chefs with high aesthetical expectations. I love a lot the China sets, and I can imagine the pure white of the cups matching aquarelle table clothes and any other sweet colors that I want to have in my kitchen.

The Alessi shop from KDW store, Germany
Interesting too are the silver and copper pans. The collection made of plastic looks like the toys of smart children. One of my favorite products, besides the gracious China sets, is this bread basket which gives the impression of accomplishment and generosity to any table. 

The seasonal offers
The prices are in general aimed to middle class to high-end customers. There it is possible to order online from the website, with most of the payment methods accepted. 

Alessi is an Italian family compant, which appeared at the end of the 1930s and developed permanently ever since. It is creative and suprise the customers with new collections twice the year, as a serious fashion brand for the kitchen. 

Alessi's philosophy: 'A true work of design must be able to move people, to convey feelings, to trigger memories, to surprise, to do against the grani...We work on expressive languages and on the expressive potential of the items...From this point of view, design intented...to conjure up images in people's minds, which makes them a bit happier, still has a tremendous potential'.

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