Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Perfume of the week: Escale à Portofino

Escale à Portofino is a fragrance that must be associated with a Mediterranean journey. It combines the essence of citrus, orange blossom and bitter almond. For me, the orange blossom plays a very important role in the overall composition of the fragrance and thus, I am not very enthusiastic about it. It smells as a good soap or as a body cream, but it is not the perfume I will be happy to wear at work or to smell early in the morning. 

Somehow, too much flowers put together can confuse the bees and this is what I felt as well about this perfume. It is too fresh and delicate and too sparkling for my taste, but I suppose that someone with a sport attitude and a bold sight would love it. It suits very well an early morning on the yacht, at the beginning of a full day of sailing. 

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