Sunday, July 3, 2016

At Home and Garden Exhibition in Berlin

 The Home and Garden Exhibition is celebrating 20 years in 2016. With a special focus on outdoor decorations and inspiration, it is an itinerant event organised between May and September in several big cities across Germany, such as Cologne, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Stuttgart or Essen. In Berlin, it was organised at the Ritterstadium Olympia. 
Reuniting exhibitors from all over Germany, it offers a variety of products and ideas especially to private owners. Swimming pools were one of the main products featured, even though the usually rainy weather in Germany does not allow it a long time use. The prices for such special whirlpools may vary between 2,000 and 8,000 EUR.
Some outdoor products are also adapted for indoors. Those tables, for instance, have a detacheable platform that can be used as a tray in the house too. 
Ideas for the garden abund. With a minimal investment, you can make your dream corner in the middle of the nature. Personally, I am for keeping the garden as wild as possible, but some may want just to bring some city feeling there too.
As lon as I can have a lazy corner where I can read and write, I am happy. Hopefully, it is not that difficult to find the right pieces of furniture.
Decorations for the garden are a different category of products, with many statues and colourful items to hang out. These metal cones with filigran cuttings can bring a lot of entertainment in the night, when you burn something as trivial as toilet paper in the middle.
From your comfy, beach-like chair, you can just watch the show - or the latest soccer challenges. The choice is yours!
 Or to get ready for a barbecue, by using these massive, but easy to use machines.
For a big family gathering, you need not only your Zen moment, but also a serious furniture. This corner costs at this fair 7,995 EUR.
Some antiques stores are also present, suggesting some classical, high-end and top notch price corners. First and foremost, you need the big space and the money. The rest just can be arranged.
Overall, the exhibition was a good experience, with a lot of interactions and interesting ideas and products. It also had some food and clothes section, not necessarily outstanding but offering some affordable shopping options if you do not want to leave this place without some purchase.
Strongly recommended to anyone looking for good deals of products for garden and outdoors decorations.

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