Thursday, July 7, 2016

Baby love from DM

If you are in one of those emergency situations when your nappies are not enough or just you need a decent place to change your baby, pay a visit to your DM next door and you will have a surprise. As we travel quite a lot these days, we feel a big relief every time when we see such a drugstore, because we just feel safe and sure that our baby's sensitive part will be fine from now on. According to our experience, the changing corner is usually situated near the baby articles section.
In most cases, the place is clean, with a big changing pad. In addition, one can find nappies for different sizes, very resistant and generally good quality, plus various toiletries items you need for the delicate process: hand sanitizer, wet napkins, normal napkins. Every time we use this service we enjoyed the exprience and felt we are in a place where the wellbeing of children really matters.

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