Saturday, July 30, 2016

My first (fake) tattoo

I am not a fan of permanent tattoos, although I am living in a city where during the summer I can admire the purest forms of body art, worn by almost every adult age. This summer, I decided though to do many of the things I did not dare years before and applying a fake tattoo was one of them. I started with Catrice, a company distributing its models, silverly and goldy, with many Oriental inspiration like Hamsa, via Rossmann. The items are produced in China, and there are no indication regarding the allergy risks, except to do not apply to "sensitive and irritated skin". 
The explanations are available in English, German and French. Most of the models are fine, not high elegance and not giving the impression of real tattoos. Personally, the Egyptian eye is the least successful one, quite a kitsch and not a nice design. There are models to apply on the ankle or on the length of the hand or on the back. I chose for now a small goldy star. I cut the piece of paper with it on.
Before applying it, I made sure that the skin where I want to apply it is very clean. I set it on the part of the body where I wanted to have it, fix the tattoo with the designed part on the skin and put a small wet pad on it. Waited two minutes and took the pad out. 
The tattoo is on the skin! Waited another minute to be sure that it is dried and that's all. I got my first tattoo. It looked good, although the best is to wear it in the evening or night, eventually before going to a club. When you look it from closer, it might be not a big deal, even think about the children fake tattoos you got as surprises in various sweets. But from afar, it is just a cute design and looks good on the summer skin.
It lasts for around one week and you can easily take it off with some make up remover or just water and soap. No allergic reactions or other problems, and after a couple of days it still looked pretty fine.
Meanwhile, I applied another fake tattoo from Catrice on the skin and still happy with it. Having a bit of fun doesn't hurt at all.

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