Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Interior design inspiration in Israel: GOLF Home

Golf Home is for Israel the equivalent of ZARA Home. Besides, it has a clothes section, dedicated to various ages. The prices are usual middle to high, with significant discounts around the year and big offers: for instance, if you buy one specific product you can get another at half price.
I was particularly interested in the Home design section, curious to discover new textures and products different from the usual European offer. In fact, there are differences in terms of patterns, but also when it comes to the production processes or countries of destination. For instance, many of the glassware distributed comes from China, a convenient business partner for Israel, especially from the point of view of the prices.
The offer is impressive - people cook a lot in Israel, especially the religious families with many children, not too resourceful to go to a restaurant every couple of days. Compared to Europe, prices can be significantly lower, with high quality in exchange.
When I visited, it was before the holiday of Shavuot, when dairy products are prepared. Various rounds of discounts were available, especially for glassware and icecream bowls. Many products look relatively simple, but are of good quality.
Colourful ideas are always available, but when it comes to adorning elegantly the table, nothing compares to some pure white table services.
GOLF has sections for every part of the house, including bedrooms, with various imprints for bed, aimed for different ages and tastes.
The summer inspired glassware were my favourite products. Watermelon models for napkins and bowls send a message of joy and family feeling.
Lemonade colour for your glass of real lemonade, prepared with mint and lemon and a lot of ice? Why not!
As a fan of blue, the Moroccan inspiration for plates and bowls, as well as for pillows, is a very stylish addition to your house.
What I love when I visit home and design stores in Israel, is to guess how to use so many smart items created to make the life in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable. Very often I need an expert to explain me what is the meaning of some of the products.
Some items can be used for the everyday table needs, but some of them are just for decorative, or genuine religious reasons. I particularly loved the glass blue-emerald candlesticks. Delicate but following the traditional patterns.

After spending a significant amount of time checking and admiring so many beautiful products, I only had one regret: my luggage did not have too much space to bring back at least one sample from each collection. Maybe the next time...

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