Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Modest high fashion in Jerusalem - Amanda K.

Being modest and being fashionable do not go always together, because being modest mostly means to not be seen, while a fashionista cannot cross the street without attracting any kind of views. But being modest does not mean either to be unkept or dress the same clothes - preferably black - every day. In the last decade, many modest, religious Jewish women in Israel and elsewhere were able to show that not showing too much of your body and not wearing extravagant clothes is not the opposite of being elegant and good-looking. 
As I was strolling the streets of Jerusalem, in the growingly popular Emek Refaim area, I discovered Amanda K store. It uses fade colours and pastel materials, creating attractive dresses, skirts and blouses. Without being extravagant, you keep a sense of wellbeing and natural beauty. And this, in my opinion, is the essence of tzniut: praising the beauty of natural woman.
An important section is represented by the headgear, including very fine silky scarves, items that I really love - a long post about modest headgears, coming up in the next days. The colours are from the same discrete yet elegant palette, sending modest statements. 
For the husband, fancy velvet covering for prayer books and shawls are also available, but somehow I've found them a bit extravagant for the kind of man I fancy - who will not cover his tefillin in a sequins bag.
The prices are middle to high, and the customer service is very friendly too. 

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