Sunday, July 10, 2016

Flowers delivery for Berliners

My friends love flowers and many of them receive regularly beautiful bouquets every week, from as far as from Austria. But it seems that in the last two years, flowers delivery services entered the Berlin and German market in general too. For instance, Bloomon, who operates for around 2 years already.
I discovered the company during the tour of the Home and Garden show the last week. Before asking them what they are doing, the beautiful appearance of the bouquet, natural, seasonal flowers, caught my eyes. Those beautiful bouquets can be delivered at home once or regularly, accompanied with the bowls. The prices for flowers start from 23 EUR.
The website - in German - is very well done, with a lot of information about how to order. You need to choose the size of the bouquet, the delivery, indicate the address and pay. The rest is the duty of the company. It seems very simple.
If your language skills do not help, you can understand a lot just watching the graphic images. As for now, the company operates also in other big German cities, such as Hamburg and Düsseldorf.

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