Sunday, October 1, 2017

An exotic non-alcoholic drink for the win

What you do when you have some exotic fruits leftovers from the Rosh HaShana - Jewish New Year - and an inviting can of coconut milk? Plus, you want to be sure of being ready for the 25-hour Yom Kippur fast, therefore you need to have a perfectly hydration! I didn't need too much to put into motion my blender and create a very tasty drink, as healthy and nourishing as possible.

1/2 papaya fruit, cut into little pieces
3 cactus fruits, peeled and cut into little pieces
400 ml. organic coconut milk
3 tablespoon honey

Add the fruits, the honey and the coconut milk into the blender and mix for around 2 minutes at medium-speed. As the cactus fruits do have small seeds - which are not harmful, anyway - you can pour the creamy result through a strainer in order to eliminate them.

Preparation time
5 minutes


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