Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Experimenting with Wraps

I haven't been a big wraps fan, with all my experiences being the results of some fast food vegetarian attempts to calm down my hunger in a very fast and easy way. I never tried it at home, but I started to consider this lack of experience later and as usual, it leads me to the decision to try to experience with my own wraps recipes too. 
My experiment started the last week, while trying to understand various textures of wraps and ingredients that can go in. As for now, I only tried the vegetarian options, but I consider also expanding a bit my experience with some meaty versions as well. Which means that it will continue.
My first try was with some vegan tortillas, but the best satisfaction was by using basic corn wraps purchased from my Edeka store. The first ones were too stuck together which means that when I wanted to take the layers one by one I ended up with pieces from the other glued on the sheet. The taste was not so great either, therefore I will avoid those products. Their advantage was that they were small enough therefore I was able to fry them on both sides in a small pan in one tablespoon of sesame oil, which gave a unique taste. 
Instead, the corn wraps were big enough to use my pizza grill and no oil. I left them in the oven - heated at 250C - for around 5 minutes, with some Gouda cheese spread on the top. You can also use some original Parmigiano cheese, for a stronger taste.
When it comes to ingredients, the options are open to your imagination.
I tried to have a moderate mixture of fresh vegetables, fish - salmon -, sorts of cheese and some sauce too. In one occasion I tried a spicey mixture of thuna with red beans, which was hot enough to avoid using any other Mexican hot sauce.
The veggies I used in various combinations are: white medium-sized mushrooms, halved; avocado, sliced; tomatoes, sliced. You can also use slices of cucumber, or some roasted zucchini. It is important to do not overload the wrap, therefore, 2-3 slices of each might be enough.
Sauces: tomato sauce, spread on the wrap; Mexican hot sauce; sweet soy sauce; one drop of teriyaki sauce if you are looking for some special Asian blend; garlic sauce; pestp
Spices: a pinch of salt; a pinch of red/black pepper; one pinch of za'atar; red chili; dill; coriander - especially if you are having your wraps with salmon, some coriander will beautifully outline the taste;
Fish: simple salmon, 2-3 slices. I also used some red pepper salmon; mashed thuna
Cheese: blue cheese - to be used moderately and not in combination with too many ingredients, as it has a heavy taste anyway. gouda cheese - one big slice halved; sour cream can also be used as a base spread; goat cheese is always welcomed.
Other ingredients: red beans, if you want to get a full Mexican taste; for a dinner and lunch wrap, some mashed potatoes can also be added; peas - one tablespoon; corn - one tablespoon; baby carrots - 3 sliced; one teaspoon of black sesame; one hard boiled egg, sliced;
Oils: You can spread on the wrap, before you warm it, one tablespoon of olive oil or sesame oil. 
I am personally for a minimalistic approach, and I am also careful to keep the ingredients at a basic average in order to be able to wrap the wrap properly. I also love the mixture between spices, fresh taste and some cheese. For a meety wrap I would probably increase the amount of veggies and sauces and maybe add some tempeh altough not sure about it.
Anyway, I am just at the beginning of the experimenting journey, therefore I am looking forward to more creative wraps in the next weeks. Can't wait to test and share it here soon!

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