Thursday, October 5, 2017

To Date or Not to Date (Online)

You know how the songs goes on: 'First I was afraid, I was petrified...', when freshly single I was recommended by more than one person to try my chance on one of the many online dating sites available around. Isn't it an obvious sign of personal failure to look for love, friendship and who knows, maybe a marriage too, online? Meaning that clearly finding someone in real life was a mission impossible because probably I am missing the proper human social skills to find and keep a serious relationship?
Such thoughts are actually clearly legitimate, as for a long time online dating was associated with anything serious. However, time changed and the more I become familiar with the intricacies of the virtual dating world, the more I realized that, in fact, the people you can find on the Internet are exactly the same kind of people that you might encounter in real life. The difference is that you not even need to meet them and blocking them out of your life is only one click away. Think about how many bad dates you had when you were set up by a matchmaker or your parents or who known what other good people from your life? The time wasted preparing and the sour taste of a failed evening listening to nonsense! When you are part of one of the best dating sites, you have enough time to test the waters and check the potential date suitability before the actual meeting is taking place.
The diversity of online dating sites become overwhelming lately, which increases the chances of finding the person you are looking for. Interested in finding the right date divorced singles or rather more into senior dating? If you are focused on a specific geographical area, the Internet has a generous offer in this respect too, from dating agency Manchester opportunities to options as remote as Christchurch dating or just adult dating for those who are interested just in the experience. There are special website for farmers or animal lovers or people with high education looking to find their (academic) peers and the list is getting more and more diverse each day.
After a couple of online experiences, I can openly say that indeed, there are many strange people using the net without too many inhibitions, hiding behind a nickname to display various impolite and abusive behaviors. With more serious websites offering the 'block' option, you can easily get read of such characters. It is much easier than in real life, believe me!
So? What exactly keeps you from opening an account to any of the many online dating sites? Especially if you are an independent person, as I am, working from home and freelancing and travelling all over the world, as I do, this is the shortest way to finding your romance. 
After I spent so many nights trying to weight the pros and cons of the online dating, only one and only solution was chosen: to date (online) as it is no tomorrow. Because every single one of us deserves to seriously think about ending up the single years, doesn't actually matter how exactly.

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