Wednesday, October 4, 2017

MerrillDesign, Danish Creativity Made in Berlin

Brit Merrill Kjærulff is a Danish designer creating in Berlin funny and elegant pieces of jewellery, in the Moabit borrough. I've visited her shop in Beusselstraße a couple of years ago, and once again, her creative stand at an even dedicated to local designers in Moabit and couldn't stop taking pictures of her works.
There is a playful and colourful side of her work, with funny shaped earrings which you might thing first that do suit mostly the teenagers but in fact it appeals to the happy side of everyone of us.
The designs are very diverse and easily suit every kind of taste and occassions: from the everyday work, to the holidays and weekend trips, or just because you love to look good. 
Special metal-made jewellery are the high-end models of the collections, asymmetrically-shaped giving a distinguished touch. 
By MerrillDesign everything is about colours and creativity and I can't wait to visit the store soon, hunting for more and more interesting models. 

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