Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Unique Ingredients of Mitomo Masks

I mentioned in a previous post about Mitomo masks that there are some special ingredients used for the creation of the face sheet masks, mostly familiar to the Asian audience. For instance, horse oil, a concept that I haven't heard about before.
My next batch of Mitomo face sheet masks involved a lot of unknown for me ingredients, that for sure, for the European ears and eyes might sound quite unusual. Take, for instance, snail+EGF. Snail stands for snail slime - or mucus and EGF for Epidermal Growth Factor, a protein formed in the body which stimulates the cell growth. The sheet face mask based on those is very wet and after the 20-30 minutes traitment, it gives to the face a completely fresh and healthy look. One of my favorite, so far.
Another creative combination uses placenta and platinum. For a long time already placenta is used as a base for various anti-wrinkle regeneration creams and products therefore it was not a completely new idea for me. Platinum was though, as the only 'metal' I was familiar with in masks was gold. And I also knew about precious diamonds. Platinum is quite a new ingredient, but which acquired easily a place in the beauty industry. It is assumed to improve firmness, skin elasticity and offer a proper hydration. The combination looked good on my skin as well, with at least 24 hours of happy glowing skin.
As kids, we knew that bee venom is very healthy in fact, despite the harm of the swallowing, as it is supposed to offer a good anti-rheumatism protection. But there are good features of this bee product for the skin care industry as well. The Mitomo mask I've tried combined bee venom with gold, which sounded as a match made in heaven. The been venom is also called the 'botox of nature' and is extensively used by Hollywood stars like Gwyneth Paltrow which are happy with its features: increase of blood circulation, filling the fine lines and wrinkles or firming the skin. 
Last but not least, the last mask I've used from this special batch included another cryptic and first-time read/heard for me ingredient: Syn Ake. It stays for: Dipeptine Diaminobutyroyl Benzylamide Diacetate, a substance which prevents skin aging and smoothens and tightens the skin, conferring to the skin firmness. The masks combined this peptide with the previously mentioned EGF. The effect was good on skin, but I experienced a little bit of rush. 
What I also liked about those masks was the glowing special packaging, which makes you think before even using it that you are offered something unique, which is exactly what happens during and after using the face sheets.
With a new batch of masks ready to be used in the fridge, I can't wait to test them and share my impressions. The ingredients are more usual, at least in the everyday life.

Disclaimer: The face sheet masks were offered by Mitomo for review, but the opinions are, as usual, my own

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