Sunday, October 8, 2017

Simple Tips for a Successful Happy Wedding Day

I am single right now, without clear perspectives of saying 'yes' - or 'no' too soon, but this is not an impediment against visiting a wedding fair. As the wedding season is open, time has come to have a look at the main offers and start making a mental note about what you generally need for such big events. Because, you never know, it is important to have the mindset and the rest will come, they say. 
The fair I've been to, the first ever in my life, took place at the Zitadelle Spandau, a historical location in the north-western part of Berlin, a location that can be rented for weddings too. The first element suggested for such an event: renting a car. A hippy VW car could be a funny idea, isn't it?
A majestic entry to the ceremony can be made with a white Cadillac instead, decorated accordingly for the ceremonies. Especially when the entrance will be made to the red brick arches of an old citadel. 
The cake is another important part of the ceremony, usually served at the end of a feast. A couple of years ago I organised myself the menu for a small friendly wedding and this part is always the most welcomed by both the guests and the hosts. In the case of extended parties, some people either organise the after wedding party at a restaurant or hire a catering company and even a chef for preparing everything. 
The flowers are another element that cannot be missed at a wedding: for the bride's bouquet or for the table arrangements, it is hardly something to omit.
For some, the table setting should be impressive, making the guests feel part of a beautiful fairy tale. It includes special dishware used, the lightning, the shape of the tables and the tablecloth and chairs arrangements.
How you set the guest is another detail that often saves you from nightmares when you have at the same table old enemies or ex-lovers. On the wedding invitation for a friend of mine, she mentioned who will be my neighbours, just in case that there is any issue and the changes can be done before it is too late. 
Wedding means much more than that, and for over 100 guests, delegating the responsibility with a specialized company is saving time and energy, although not necessarily money. But a professionist will be able to deliver you step-by-step all the stages of the preparation, from the photography session to the choice of music, venue, decorations and even the children corner where the little guests will spend their time supervised by a professional babysitter.
For instance, think about the little colourful details you would love to have on the table, and the little present for the guests, as a memory of the great time spent together in one of the most important day of your life. A professional company would know for sure where to find some nice bombons to wrap in a small package near the seat of every participant.
Last but not least, the wedding dress could be a crazy nightmare, both in terms of price and style. How many brides are putting themselves to starve before the big event in order to fit the wedding dress of their dream? How many others are starving because saving as crazy for buying it? Although in Germany the wedding dresses stores are not so common - like in Israel, for instance, where in Tel Aviv you find an impressive concentration of beautiful wedding stores every two blocks or more - there are different options open to various sizes and budgets.
My visit at the wedding fair was a win, with many interesting and creative ideas offered, for my future opportunities, but also as suggestions for the moment when the time will come for my own celebrations. Hopefully sooner than later. 

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