Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Beauty review: Anti-Falten Lifting Konzentrat by Schaebens

I used the face masks by Schaebens for a long time with relatively good results, provided at a very good price, but was not too keen to start testing many of their capsule skin treatments. Somehow, the very low price and the apparently little substance discouraged me from trying it. After all, I cannot do experiments with my skin. 
But one of my many resolutions are to try as many new producs as possible and the positive quality reviews of the products branded by Schaebens helped me to go over all the ready made ideas. 
After looking at many of their beauty products, I decided for the anti-wrinkles lifting concentrate. It is available for less than 5 Euro at any DM or Rossmann shop in Germany. It has a big list of ingredients, among which Q10, Peptides, Grape Seeds Extract, hibiscus flower extract, perfume. It includes 7 capsules to be used for 7 days in a row. Other similar products included 5 or 6 capsules.
The little capsule is a wonder in itself. You cut the head and start applying on the skin, especially in the areas exposed to wrinkles: corners of the eye, corners of the mouth etc. The wonder is that the liquid contained is really enough for covering the face and even found more than once that there is even more liquid than I needed. 
I previously cleaned the skin with Hydra Skin Protection by L'Oreal, let to rest and started to apply the liquid with circular moves. At least upon the first application, you will feel some little tickle under your skin within the first 30 minutes, especially in the checkbone area. 
The liquid itself is very consistent, fatty - very greasy at touch - and it stays on the skin for a couple of good minutes before being absorbed by the skin. I followed the treatment early in the morning, leaving it to work for hours before applying any other skin care products or make-up. 
I do not have too many wrinkles due to a very good genetical heritage, but I felt after the first day that the skin looks more natural and glowing. After 5 days, did not see any more some fine lines around the mouth.At the end of the treatment I was really feeling much better in my skin. 
Verdict: It is a product worth the investment, with good result, but if you really have a seriously wrinkled skin, you better save money for something more high-end. 

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