Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Beauty review: In Dusch Body Milk with Honey by Nivea

I used to be a big fan of Nivea products a couple of years back as our holiday house was close to a factory of the company and as kids, we used to spy a lot around the premices, trying to imagine how to beauty creams are made. I especially liked their hand creams and skin care products, but once in a while I also liked to try their shower creams.
A couple of days ago I discovered a lot of samples of In Dusch Body Milk with Honey and decided to test it for 3 days. 
What I really like about it is that are made for busy people. My shower ritual is to apply the shower gel and after drying to use my special body milk but this takes time usually. With this body milk, after you use the shower gel, with the skin wet, you apply it and keep showering and dry the body. 
I used a 10 ml. sample every time and it was enough. It is free of silicone and artificial substances. It has a strong smell of honey and milk, but on the skin it goes as a natural fragrance. After using it twice for almost a week, the skin looks smooth and fine at touch. It works for both normal - my skin - and dry.
As there are many more In Dusch products, most probably will be tempted to try more samples soon.
In Germany, it is available for 4.49 Euro in most Rossmann and DM stores.

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