Saturday, February 13, 2016

Beauty review: ISANA Shower peeling with Dead Sea Salt

I am not a big fan of doing body peeling treatments all by myself because yes, sometimes I must recognize, I am very lazy. Especially now, with the baby in toe, the time is so limited that I have to think twice before spending too much time doing something. However, the combination between bambus massage pearls and dead sea salt sounded tempting enought for purchasing this shower peeling cream from Rossmann. Also, the fact that it is limited edition made me even more curious and special to use something not everyone's cup of tea.
I am using it for a week every day once and I started to like it. I apply the white cream with small blue dots on the dry skin, left there for around 10 minutes and washed out. If for the hands and upper body it feels like using any regular cream, in the feet area, after a couple of seconds I just feel how all the exhaustion and feeling of hard walking from the last months just goes away. It is true the sensation lasts for maximum one hour, but it may be enough to give you a feeling that this cream really does something. Something good with your body. It has a discrete smell that does not remain for too long on your body.
Given its under 4 EUR price - it is enough to use it for one month - and the good experience, I recommend it, at least for the feet relaxation effect. 

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