Saturday, February 6, 2016

Tea review: Messmer Egyptian Amun Pomegranate Honey

Sold as a box of 20 bags for under 2 Eur at Rossmann, this Messmer tea has a sweet blend of fresh fruits. I especially liked the combination between the pomegranate, hibiscus, apple, orange, blackberry leaves and elderberries on one side, and the honey on the other side. It has a natural sweetness that does not need, at least in my case, any additional sugar.
It has a persistent wax smell which is a bit annoying but drink it fast and you will get over it. 
I let the bag in the water for around 5 minutes, and it is was enough to obtain a good concentration. 
I tried it both cold and warm and was not a big difference in terms of taste. The good impression remains. It also goes well in the morning or in the evening either with the breakfast sandwiches or salads or with the afternoon cakes or with the evening snacks. 

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