Sunday, February 21, 2016

Beauty review: Rose Hand Cream by Accentra

It does not happen every time to decide testing products I never heard about. It does not mean that the producs are bad for my skin or low quality, but when it comes to beauty products, I prefer to go on the beaten path, based on the good previous experience. However, a hand and nails cream cannot present a high risk and thus, when out shopping for beauty products with my friends I discovered this Aromatherapy cream by Accentra, I just follow my instincts and bought it,curious to discover something new. 
Especially during the winter and the never ending cold and because I have to keep my hands a lot of time under water cleaning permanently something for the baby, my hands are getting easily dry and require constant care. In the last two weeks, I am using this cream at least twice the day, for both hands and nails and the results are satisfactory.
I bought a 60 ml. blush rose tube, for 2.50 Eur. Made in China, the tube has an appearance of painting tube, made of a thin plastic, which looks good but of a relatively modest quality. It contains mainly water, mineral oil, citrus oil and geranicol. The cream is smooth, not too greasy, with smell which is for me a combination between oily something and fading roses. Not to die for, at least not me.
As for the effects on my skin, the most important after all, after 10 days of permanent use, I am fine with. It is the kind of cream that you end up using by reflex because you just know that it does good to you, at least for the next hour or so.  Not sure I will run to get a new supply after this tube is ready, but I am left with a good experience so the next time I know what Accentra is and what it did to me. 

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