Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Cute children furniture - The friendly myriapode

We are quite far away for the moment when we will start looking for personalized furniture for our baby boy, but I am somehow getting ready for what we are supposed to find. At this stage, I am just looking around and brainstorming and trying to see what it can be found on the market.
A couple of days ago, this colourful funny hanger caught my eyes. It was installed at a dwarf size so it can be used by the one year or maximum 3 year old. Besides its functionality, it it very attractive due to the beautiful colours and very friendly characters featured. Who can resist a friendly smiling myriapode? Although at this stage in the life of our boy we are the one who are buying him clothes and toys because found the figures cute and friendly, later on he will be the one to chose and we are getting ready for that moment. Given the warm happy nature of my son, I am almost sure he will chose such a jolly hanger. Looking forward to that moment while we keep doing serious research about beautiful and practical and not so expensive furniture!

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