Thursday, February 18, 2016

Product review: Febreeze New Zealand Air Freshner

As I am living in an old house with old furniture and once in a while, especially in the winter when it is too cold to keep the window open for a long time, some air freshners. Although I like in general vanilla and roses and some spices too, when it comes to the house, I rather prefer some neutral and fresh impressions. 
The good looking bottle from Febreeze and the good price - just another under 3 EUR. deals by Rossmann - were attractive enough for giving a try. This New Zealand fragrance spray is produced by Procter and Gamble Switzerland and available in a 300 ml. bottle. 
It is spread by pushing the spray from the side, very easyly and without any risk of being left with part of the spray cover or something similar. Through this system you can also have the control over the quantity spread in the air.
Let's go to the basics now...The reason I bought it is not for the collection of good looking bottles - which I do not have - but for some quality air freshner in the house, especially in the baby room. I never been to New Zealand and have no idea how this country smells like, so it is impossible as for now to check at what extent the description is consistent with the reality. At the first spread, it smells like fresh forest and fresh air - so not too much smell, mostly the work of imagination. But the biggest problem of all is that this smell - whatever it may be in reality - disappears very fast. True is that the air in the house does not smell bad thereafter but in fact it does not smell at all. Everything smells like a couple of seconds before. 

Verdict: Maybe the next time I should find something else. So bad that you cannot have the chance to actually test the air freshner before buying it, just like in the care of regular perfumes. It would make the choices much easier. 

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