Thursday, February 25, 2016

Chose your lamp at Lampen Lee Berlin

There are many lamps shops in Berlin - more features in the next posts - but very often they offer modern shapes and relatively models that specifically suit either the low budget customer or the very hip designer lovers. Lampen Lee Berlin aims at a relatively different market. 
Tiffany lamps are one of the top products, with prices that can easily go far from 400 EUR.
There are around 250 different lamps that suit every kind of lamps, for every kind of rooms, from small ones to high-ceiling ones.
Bed lamps are another category richly represented,and the diverse classical items are not easily found in other places. 
The customer service is quite helping and friendly and it also offers various reparations and assistance with installation when necessary.
The design of the shop as such is non-existent and it can be excused as in fact with such a big concentration of products on a small space, aesthetics are the last worry it seems. Add to this the fact that there are also other antiquities and jewellery and some vintage furniture on sale. 
With such an overwhelming diversity of products and quite a messy setting, the best is to arrive there with your own idea of lamp. 
Besides the Tiffany colourful lamps, there are also gracious Swarowski crystal lamps which suit majestic rooms and interiors. In fact, with such a sophisticated lamp the rest of the room cannot be but very minimalistic and reduced to a very simple furniture and big windows.
Wall lamps are the cheapest ones and here too the offer does not disappoints. Garden or outdoors lamps are also available. 
On the market since 1972, the shop is situated in the Western side of the city, close to the Blissestrasse metro station and with bus stations nearby. 

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