Friday, December 24, 2010

Avocado-Pomegranate Salat

I am not following too many recipes, but for the sake of diversification and given my limited experience in the issues of cooking, I need to use some books.
I have already four big colourful ones in my library, a very modest presence, in comparison with the volume of my books.
But, I have Internet, so no worries about my bibliography and actually, I prefer the virtual option, as I can find useful video posts - maybe one day I will try to do it too.
The following recipe is adapted from Elizabeth Wolf Cohen's Jüdische Küche. 100 authentische Rezepte.
What do you need is:
1 pomegranate
2 oranges
2 avocados
10 fresh mint leaves
Cayenne pepper, on taste
1 spoon of honey
25 gr. of salt

Prepare the orange juice and mix together with salt, pepper, the salt and the honey.
Remove the seeds of the pomegranate, peel the avocado and slice it.
Pour the orange mixture and wait another 10 minutes.
The total amount of time is maximum 25 minutes.
I served together with some fish recipes, fighting hard the temptation to eat it as a separate meal. A lovely and unique taste, worthy to taste it!
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