Friday, December 24, 2010

Let's introduce some drinks: The Dju Dju beer

Since I am living in Germany, I had the great opportunity to try so many types of soft beers: with lemon (from Beck's), or the colourful - green, for example - Berliner Kindle - or the various types of Radler. They are very soft and refreshing, mostly during the 2-3 days of heat of the maximum one month of hot summer.
As you have already the market, you have various demands and adapted offers. As it is the case with the Dju DjuBeer, produced in Germany after the Ghana recipe, which I discovered at a recent Weinachtsmarkt at the food quarter, the African section. Love at first sight after I saw the design of the etiquette. Then, I tried the Mango version (with some sweet potatoes), which I liked it, and later on, the Palm, which I didn't. Will keep in touch about the next DjuDju adventures.
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